To me, looks are simply a product of how you feel. Beauty is a state of being and as I tell my clients, “The changes begin on the INSIDE and the outside will effortlessly reflect and follow this path.”

For those of you who came to this “about me” page expecting to find a story about how I was once obese and magically lost all the weight…I’m sorry for the letdown. Truth is, I have been active since a young age with a profound admiration for dance and movement.

My shift from dance to the gym occurred when I entered an accelerated studies program in high school, forcing me to leave my current high school to participate in a dual enrollment program. This granted me the opportunity to graduate high school at 18 years of age with two years of college under my belt. At the time, I had aspirations of becoming a doctor, so the decision was a no-brainer. I put my future before the social aspects of high school and did what I thought was best for my future.

From balancing textbooks on the Stairmaster and rarely getting enough sleep, I actually became obsessed with the gym. Two hours of spinning daily, accompanied by an hour of weight training and eating minimal carbs, brought me to an ultimate low and depressed state of 98 lbs. (I’m 5’4?). It took me a couple of years to take notice of just how thin I had gotten and I finally decided to take the reins and do something about my health before it was too late. I knew I needed to put on some weight and change my eating habits, but like many, I was terrified of “getting fat.”

By learning the difference between looking good on the outside and FEELING good and being healthy on the inside, I was able to transform my mind. My body transformation was merely a result.

While I was studying for the MCAT after graduating Magna Cum Laude from FIU with a Bachelors in Biology, I was approached by the CEO of Shredz, Arvin Lal, with the opportunity to come on board as one of their female athletes. After rejecting the initial offer, as my plans were for med school and not fame or modeling (he still never lets me forget that I said no! hahaha), Arvin convinced me to take the next step to the decision that changed my life. I closed the books and focused my attention on my passion – helping others struggling in their own skin.

A healthy mind and body are the most powerful tools against disease and sickness. People search for new drugs to alleviate symptoms but do nothing to address the underlying problem that caused the suffering in the first place. Although we may think we know a lot about nutrition, we do not. We tend to follow fad diets and unrealistic plans over and over, yielding failure, ultimately resulting in thoughts of guilt and worthlessness. Deprivation and quick fixes are NOT HEALTH.

If you’re interested in a 2-week plan to lose weight, you’re in the wrong place. I’m appealing to your intelligence and ability to learn WHY and HOW certain things make you feel better. Looking better is a byproduct that will come without hesitation.